Investment Grant Application

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Applications Accepted until April 1, 2017

United Way of Central Arkansas is accepting grant applications for the 2017/2018 grant process.

To be eligible for allocation consideration from the United Way of Central Arkansas Investment Grant, your agency must meet ALL of the following criteria:

(If your agency does not meet the following criteria, there is no need to complete this grant application.)

  • Provide a human service to residents of Faulkner County and/or Perry County;
  • The organization must be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a tax-exempt organization under 26 U.S. Code 501(c) 3 and to which contributions are tax deductible pursuant to 26 U.S.C.170(c)(2) and the organization is classified as a public charity under U.S.C. 509(a). A copy of the most recent IRS Determination Letter will be required (Attachment A)
  • File IRS form 990, or pro forma IRS for 990 and show copy of such filing for a period ending no more than 18 months prior to January 2017. (Attachment B)
  • Have a Certified Public Accountant conduct an audit every other year. Such audits must be completed in a timely manner and one original must accompany the agency’s program funding application each year. The audit must include a management letter and if need be, an action plan for rectifying any deficiencies noted in the management letter. (Attachment C)
  • Have an active local Board of Directors or Advisory Board (Residing in Faulkner or Perry County) (Attachment D)
  • Have a policy of non-discrimination (board, staff, volunteers and clients); (Attachment E)
  • Procure and maintain valid and adequate policies of insurance regarding fire, loss, casualty,indemnity, and general and professional liability if applicable;
  • Have written policies on Board Membership and Governance in bylaws; (Attachment F)
  • Have at least one part time or full time paid employee;
  • List of Board of Directors meeting dates during the past 12 months when a quorum was present and the month that you elect new board members;


Applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. on April 1, 2017.

No exceptions. All information requested must be included or the proposal will not be considered.
Handwritten proposals will not be considered.

The following factors are considered, although not exclusively, in reviewing proposals:

  • Potential benefit to the community
  • Capacity of the organization to achieve the results outlined in the proposal
  • Evidence of a plan for reporting outcomes for the project
  • Potential for sustainability beyond grant period
  • Evidence of cooperation or collaboration with other organizations working in the same field
  • Evidence of local financial support and the likelihood of future support for the project or program
  • Innovation and creativity of the approach
  • Willingness to help with the annual United Way Campaign
  • Willingness to have a United Way Campaign within your agency

The following requests are NOT considered:

  • Support for annual fundraising campaigns
  • Support for capital campaigns
  • Projects that address sectarian religious purposes
  • Projects that are political in nature or have a political bias
  • Grant cannot be used for administrative expenses of Agency


  • A copy of the most recent IRS Determination Letter (Attachment A)
  • A completed copy of the IRS Form 990 or pro forma IRS for 990 including signature in block marked “Signature of Officer”, regardless of whether or not the IRS requires the organization to file this form.(Attachment B)
  • Audited Financial Statement (Attachment C)
  • Board Roster (Attachment D)
  • Copy of non-discrimination policy (Attachment E)
  • Copy of Agency By-Laws (Attachment F)
  • Agency Budget (Attachment G)

Application available by clicking here