Myth Vs. Reality

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A Few Misconceptions Exist About The Role And Work Of United Way. Here Are Some Points To Consider: 

MYTH: The dollars raised in our community support national efforts. 

REALITY: The money raised in Central Arkansas (UWCARK) stays here supporting local programs and helping local people. This makes UWCARK the largest non-governmental health and human services funder in our community. United Way Worldwide provides services and support to our United Way and nearly 1,800 other local, independent United Ways across the world that operate similarly to UWCARK. UWCARK has its own 501(c)(3) certification and is independently governed by a local board of directors. 

MYTH: United Way is a middle man, so I prefer to give my donation directly to an agency. 

REALITY: There are several advantages to supporting United Way:

     Community Understanding: United Way assesses and identifies the most critical issues in our community, investing where the needs are greatest. 

     Program Oversight: United Way staff and volunteers provide rigorous program oversight year round. This includes agency visits ensuring program compliance and progress, as well as semiannually financial reviews. United Way also offers program support through training and agency collaboration. 

     Leveraging Funds: Many of our agencies are able to leverage United Way funds through local, state and federal grants. Across the board, when you donate $1 it turns into $4.50. 

     Cost Efficiencies: United Way operates at a high rate of efficiency with nearly 89 cents of every dollar raised invested into community problem solving. 

     Convenience: Workplace campaigns provide donors with an easy, year - round option to giving directly to United Way's Communituy Impact Fund and its critical issue areas of Education, Income and Health. 

MYTH: There is no control or oversight as to how my donation is used in the community. 

REALITY: Donations made to United Way's Community Impact Fund make the greater difference and help the most people. United Way oversees the 33 programs it funds to ensure results and efficiencies. however, should you choose to designate your gift, it is distributed to the agency of your choosing, but not monitored by United Way. 

MYTH: United Way funds Planned Parenthood.

REALITY: No, United Way of Central Arkansas does not, has not and will not fund Planned Parenthood ( or any similar program or service). We are a direct reflection of our community. 

MYTH: I don't use United Way's services, I don't need to give. 

REALITY: For those who haven't had to use the services of United Way, you are lucky; however, 1 in 3 people use services funded by United Way and 1 in 10 people give to United Way. Even though you haven't used the services, no one is immuned to disaster, misfortune, or problems. Your gift will make sure these services are maintained should you need them. In addition, everyone benefits from a healthy community where people's needs are being met.