2019 Committees & Responsibilities

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of a minimum of nine Directors that include:  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Community Impact Chair, Resource Development Chair, Marketing and Communication Chair, Strategic Planning Chair & the immediate Past Chairman. 


Duties and responsibilities include:

Have authority to act for the Board between scheduled meetings of the Board;

Supervise and evaluate the Executive Director who shall be responsible for the supervision of all other staff;

Be responsible for planning and ongoing assessment of work toward achieving United Way’s organizational mission and desired outcomes;

Be responsible for ongoing evaluation of progress on short-term, intermediate and long-term goals as established by the organization’s Strategic Plan.

Attend and actively participate in executive board meetings in even numbered months, (i.e. February, April, June, etc.).


Chair: Bret Carroll

Board: Jason Culpepper, Sara Goodman, Sena Lovette-Crafton, Reggie Rose, Marsha Joyner, Tom Anderson, and Mike Armstrong

Governance Committee

The Governance committee is responsible for developing and supporting actions that maximize involvement of the Board and create continuous leadership for United Way. The Chairman shall appoint the members of the Governance Committee. Vice Chairman is the leader of this group.


Duties and responsibilities include:

To prepare priorities for board composition

To meet with prospective board members and recommend candidates to the board starting no later than August

To recommend a slate of officers to the board

To conduct orientation sessions for new board members and to organize training sessions for the entire board

To suggest new non-board individuals for committee or taskforce membership

Monitoring of board member attendance at full board meetings and committee and making any needed recommendations in response to attendance 

Develop and implement, with the Board Chair, ways to maximize engagement of directors through attendance and participation in the Board, Committees, and other UW activities

Oversee and maintain “job descriptions” for Board and Committees

Responsible for the educating the Board of the United Way business model, policies and practices.  

To deal with special issues; To investigate an unusual problem or opportunity, such as negative publicity in the newspaper, deep staff resentment against the executive director, an unusual grant opportunity or a possible joint project with another organization.  To research the situation and report back to the board.


Chair: Bret Carroll

Board: Debbie Townsend, Jason Culpepper, Osmar Garcia, Sara Goodman, and Tom Anderson

Finance & Administration Committee 

The Finance & Administration Committee shall consist of an uneven number of members, but not less than three (3).  The committee is made up of members of the Executive Committee and may include other board members. All members must be board members.  The Treasurer shall serve as chairman, and the committee shall stand accountable to the Executive Committee.  


Duties and responsibilities include:

Monitors all financial aspects of the organization, including monthly income and expense reports, internal policies, investment performance, and ensures proper filing of all tax and related reports.

Approval and monitoring of annual operating budget

Shall present budget for approval no later than the May board meeting.

Development of accounting and other related policy recommendations

Establish guidelines for organizational expenditures, determine procedure for allocation of payments to funded programs, make investment decisions as to excess funds, and advise the Board of Directors on amount of reserve balance.

Shall recommend the amount of funds available for program funding for the coming fiscal year no later than the April board meeting.

Shall be responsible for ensuring an independent audit is conducted annually; ensuring that any corrective actions recommended in the audit are carried out.

To report to the board any financial irregularities, concerns, opportunities

To work with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are accurate and timely

To oversee short and long-term investments, unless there is a separate investments committee

To advise the executive director and other appropriate staff on financial priorities and information systems, depending on committee member expertise. 


Chair: Sara Goodman

Board: Michelle Hoyt, Mary Etta Qualls, Debbie Townsend, Jason Culpepper, Bret Carroll, Erin Simpson, and Steve Presley

Community Impact Committee 

The Community Impact Committee shall consist of such uneven number of members as may be deemed advisable by the Board of Directors, but not less than five (5).  The Community Impact Committee leads the organization in transition to and implementation of the Community Impact organizational direction.  The Committee oversees works in the four functional work areas of Community Impact: Community Assessment, Fund Distribution, Initiatives and Partnerships, and Programs.


Duties and Responsibilities include:

Ensuring that United Way supports programs that have a positive, significant and measurable impact within the community.

In accordance with the Strategic Plan it shall determine organizational-level impact areas and desired outcomes.

Oversight of ongoing community assessment research

Making recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding community initiatives

Monitoring implementation of community initiatives

Establishing measurable community-wide goals

Tracking progress on community-wide goals

In coordination with the Finance Committee, it shall review the applicant organization’s program budget and financials.

Disclosing any conflicts of interest

Attending and participating in all panel meetings including an orientation, Q&A session, site visits to agencies, and a final recommendation meeting

Studying and reviewing all program funding proposals and written information, in advance, and bring relevant materials to each presentation

Carefully evaluating and scoring the proposals under consideration

Keeping panel deliberations confidential

It shall serve as a study and evaluation committee to determine whether applicant organizations: meet the basic United Way criteria for eligibility as a partner organization; have sufficiently demonstrated a need for the program’s services in the community and are financially viable; be a viable investment and admitted as a partner organization, funded or otherwise supported by United Way, and make recommendations to the full board as to the level of support.

To assist the Committee in its responsibilities, it shall receive written and verbal financial, organization and program information from all organizations approved for participation in the grant investment cycle. This information shall be the basis of support recommendations.

The Committee may also recommend and conduct impact challenge grants, or other special funding/support processes, including for programs administered by United Way.

The Committee shall monitor all funded programs to ensure they meet their stated outcomes.  This shall be done through quarterly reports received from Community Partners currently receiving funding for their program(s).  The Committee is responsible for recommending any changes to funded programs to ensure the desired outcomes and impact are achieved or submitting a request for additional clarification or information to supplement the quarterly reports.  


Chair: Reggie Rose

Board: Debbie Townsend, Michelle Hoyt, Sara Goodman, Marsha Joyner, Osmar Garcia, Tom Anderson, Gary Logan, Susan McCoy, Mike Armstrong, Bret Carroll, Kelley Erstine, Eric King, Jay Myers, Erin Simpson and Steve Presley

Marketing & Communications Committee 

The Marketing & Communications committee is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing marketing strategies and communications programs that educate and involve selected audiences as well as the general community in supporting the United Way mission and strategies. 


Duties and Responsibilities include:

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan, including short and long-term goals.  The plan will address both campaign and year-round marketing and communications strategies.

Using available local and national research to track economic patterns, trends in attitudes, and levels of understanding of key stakeholders about United Way.

Recommending specific local market research projects to the Board, as needed.

Developing a comprehensive marketing plan, including short and long-term goals.  The plan will address both campaign and year-round marketing strategies.

Using available resources, engage in thoughtful discussion of marketing issues.  Recommendations for any necessary action will be made to the Board.

Providing support for the specific publicity and promotional activities of United Way.

Demonstrating ownership of strategies associated with marketing and communications section of UWCA strategic plan.  Responsible for ensuring implementation and follow-through.

Identify target audience segments and segment specific messaging.

Provide support for the specific publicity and promotional activities of the United Way.

Actively pursue marketing opportunities through multiple & diverse avenues i.e. newspaper, billboards, Facebook, paid ads, street banners, television, radio, campaign video and website.

Using available local and national research to track economic patterns, trends in attitudes, and levels of understanding of key stakeholders about United Way.


Chairs: Marsha Joyner

Board: Sena Lovette-Crafton, Cate McConnell, Susan McCoy, Kim Slaughter, Kelley Erstine, and Eric King

The Resource Development Committee 

The Resource Development Committee shall consist of an uneven number of members, but not less than five (5).  It shall be charged with the responsibilities of establishing a campaign cabinet and conducting an annual fundraising campaign in support of the United Way agencies selected to receive funds.  The Committee is responsible for the any special events augmenting the annual campaign resources for giving, advocating, and volunteering. The committee is responsible for promotion, public relations and education on the United Way and participating agencies throughout the year. In the event that a Resource Development Committee Chairperson selected and approved by the Board is not a Board Member the Board Chair has the authority to appoint a Chairperson as an ex officio member of the Board.  The Chairperson would not be eligible to vote as Director of the Board.


Chairs: Tom Anderson & Mike Armstrong

Board: Kelley Erstine, Cate McConnell, and Osmar Garcia


The Financial Empowerment Committee


Special Committees

Community Needs Assessment Committee

The Community Needs Assessment Committee is responsible for assessing and increasing community awareness of the health and human service needs in Faulkner and Perry County, as well as assisting in evaluation of collaborative projects.

Duties and responsibilities include:

To further research and develop the upcoming community survey

To collect and analyze administrative data from the community at large including determination of what data to track over time.

Provide assistance to the project leader and workgroups on evaluation design, data collection, analysis, and presentation.

Determine need for additional community surveys.

To provide a central location to track surveying in the community to ensure duplication does not occur – serve as central point for timing of surveys.

To develop an annual report card of broad community indicators.


The Strategic Planning Committee 

It shall serve as a study and evaluation committee responsible for:

Planning and ongoing assessment of work toward achieving United Way’s organizational mission and desired outcomes;

Identification and evaluation of program opportunities and community building programs;

Monitoring of organizational progress toward achieving the Standards of Excellence developed by United Way Worldwide;

Developing and updating of Strategic Plan recommendations;

Ongoing evaluation of progress on short-term, intermediate and long-term goals as established by the organization’s Strategic Plan.

This committee will include current members and may also include past board members and/or other community leaders. Ad hoc committees may be developed as needed.

It shall make its recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors for action.


The Personnel Committee

Drafting and/or revising personnel policies for board approval

Reviewing job descriptions

Establishing a salary structure, and annually reviewing staff salaries, and reviewing the benefits package.

Acts as a grievance board for employee complaints. 


Special Event Committee

To coordinate the board's assignments on a particular event


CEO Transition or Search Committee:

To seek a new executive director, including recommending guidelines and a search process to the board, to take steps to help the new executive succeed. 






Committee Descriptions (Revised December 2017)