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613 North 5th St, Dardenelle AR 72834
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P.O. BOX 2355 Conway, AR 72033
Helps provide housing, mentoring, and employment, counseling. Also can help with drug/alcohol/deep depression

Bethlehem House

930 Faulkner, Conway AR
Shelter for men, women, and children that provides food, transportation, and clothing as well as case management. 

Children's Advocacy Alliance

574 Locust St, Conway AR 
Serves Faulkner, Van Buren, Searcy, Pope, and Conway counties 
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707 Robins Street, Suite 118
Conway, AR  72034
Telephone: 501-329-0977 or 501-329-3891

Enola Church of Christ

Hwy 107 (corner of Church Street and North Main Street, Enola AR)

First Baptist Church

1719 Robinson St Conway, AR
Mondays 1-3PM; shelters; housing; building homes; applications during that time only; 

First United Methodist Church

1610 Prince St, Conway AR  
Builds and repairs homes. Also provides educational workshops        
Glenhaven Homes of Peace & Encouragement
317 Oak St. Suite 3
Conway, AR 72034
Telephone: 501-208-4959
Services: Supporting children and strengthening families in times of crisis and distress. 
Habitat for Humanity
1350 EW Martin Dr, Conway, AR 72032 
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1701 Donaghey Ave, Conway AR
501-327-1701 Fax: 501-327-3234
Marti Jones Offices hours  8am-5pm Monday-Friday
Sheltor for abused girls from ages 6 to 18 Open 24 hours
Center of Hope Outreach (COHO)
608 E. Robins, Conway AR
Provides counseling, bed shelters, and a safe haven.
Kaye's Kolony
Vilonia, AR
Temp housing for women and children of domestic violence
Life After Prisons Ministries
825 Parkway Ste 6, Conway AR
Provides housing, mentoring, and employment for past prisoners. Also takes care of men and women with drug/alcohol/deep depression and provides them counseling. 
Salvation Army
2125 Harkrider St 12, Conway AR
Emergency shelter assistance 
Little Rock Compassion Center
3618 West Roosevelt
Little Rock, AR 72204
Telephone: 501-296-9114
Services: Hot meals: are served three times a day 365 days a year.
Bible Studies: Held five nights a week as a spiritual meal to accompany the physical meal.
Food Pantry: Open every Thursday from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. (Emergency food supplied when needed).
Clothing Assistance: Clothing is given away to the needy. In the evenings, at shower time, if a clean change of clothing is needed, little Rock compassion center will supply the need.
Educational program: 10 computers available with a tutorial program to help provide educational needs necessary to obtain a G.E.D. Also job skill classes are available.
Emergency Shelter: Beds are divided between Men, Women, and families. Beds are provided nightly for 200 men. There is the capability of providing up to 400 beds if necessary. Family rooms are available for complete families or Women with teenage boys. Beds are available for 40 women (and children) nightly.
Last Chance Ministries
450 East Robins #21, Conway AR 
501-697-1011 (24 HR line)  
501-358-6373 (Office)
Particularly for addicts but others in need are welcome as well. 
Meadowlake Baptist Church
2105 Meadowlake, Conway AR
Crisis shelter for emergencies and natural disasters 
Monday thru Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM
Mt. Gale Missionary Baptist Church
8 Brannon Dr, Conway, AR 72034
Call for shelter assistance.
My House, INC
1701 Hutto St.
Conway, AR 72032
Office: 501-329-4252
Fax: 501-205-0733
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Services: Group home for nine male mentally challenged individuals who focus on: habilitation/training, socialization skills and daily living skills to help the individuals become more independent. My House also offers services through the Independent Living Service Program for women. The applicants must choose the service through the Waver Program.
Renewal Ranch in Central Arkansas
P.O Box 11128
Conway, AR 72034
Bunkhouse Address:
75 Lake Drive
Houston, AR 72070
Telephone: 501-269-4306
Services: Renewal Ranch in Central Arkansas has been established as a place dedicated to restoring broken lives through a faith based approach. At Renewal Ranch, men will also learn to become functional again through training, performing service projects, counseling, and daily work for others. They can transition into productive taxpaying citizens and responsible family members by being provided specific job training skills through partnership with local employers, colleges, technical schools, retired teachers, and GED providers.

His Place, His Way 

300 A Elliot Road Springhill, Arkansas
Telephone : 501-514-1426
We provide help for homeless looking for employment, groceries and utilities. Open 7-11 on Mondays, likes to meet with individuals personally. 

River Valley Shelter for Women and Children 

P.O. Box 2066                                                                          
Russellville, AR  72811                                                          
Telephone:  479-968-3110 Crisis line, 24/7
Fax: 479-967-6320
Services: Protective services to women and their children who have been physically, verbally, sexually and emotionally abused. Required to apply for housing and Food Stamps. Shelter and telephone help line open 24 hours daily.
Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday)
Women's Shelter of Central Arkansas
P.O. Box 2557, Conway AR
501-329-7405 (telephone) 501-329-5562 (fax)
866-358-2265 (CRISIS)
Beth Goodrich/Director
A safe temporary shelter for women and children who have been abused. Other services include a 24-hour crisis intervention line, court advocacy, referral information, and a weekly support group.