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Our Mission

United Way of Central Arkansas will improve and enhance the lives of people in our communities by addressing and meeting their needs through the generosity and work of advocates, volunteers and donors.

Our Vision:

We will build a stronger nation by mobilizing our communities to improve people's lives. 

To do this we will:

  • Energize and inspire people to make a difference. 
  • Craft human care agendas within and across our community. 
  • Build coalitions around those agendas. 
  • Increase investments in these agendas by expanding and diversifying our own development efforts and supporting those of others. 
  • Measure, communicate and learn from the impact of our efforts. 
  • Reflect the diversity of the community we serve. 

These goals are ambitious, but with your help, and by utilizing our core strengths — a national network, committed partners and public engagement capacity — we can achieve them.

Our Initiatives:

The United Way of Central Arkansas works hard throughout the year to bring and maintain Financial Empowerment to the members of our community through Free Tax Preparation opportunities.  

Core Values:

  • Integrity 
  • Impact
  • Volunteerism
  • Inclusiveness 
  • Catalytic Leadership


What is United Way? 


We are a local nonprofit organization that brings our community together and focuses resources on the critical human care needs in the area.  By partnering with government, businesses, nonprofits and individuals we are able to monitor the needs of our community and respond quickly as issues and opportunities arise.  As a convener, collaborator, monetary provider and leader in addressing health and human service issues, United Way of Central Arkansas fulfills a unique role in making our community a better place.